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Use brand-new Dash bikes for your daily trips, arriving on time and exploring new places, luggage free.

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Dash E-Rides - your best partner
Dash E-Rides - your best partner
Dash E-Rides - why choose us?

Why us?

Apart from being completely green, our main focus is the rider - from the moment you jump on the bike, to getting you at the destination in the smoothest way possible. We took the best parts from each type of transportation system and made our own - Dash. We provide a different level of safety in terms of transit, making sure it is accesible to everyone, all of this while you, the rider, are saving the planet.

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Meet our vehicles.
Feel the ride like never before.

Dash Electric - Revolutionary green transportation

Feel the power of an 250W electric engine, assisting you in what you’ll soon call a memorable journey.

As low as $0.5 per minute.
Dash Lite - Revolutionary green transportation

The same grace as Dash Electric, now assisted by you.

As low as $0.1 per minute.


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Truly environmental friendly

Our vision is metamorphosing the way people think about the old ways of transportation, gently guiding to a new and relying solution for traffic jams, expensive gas prices and polluted air. We created the best car substitute for reshaping the soul of any city. Do it for your grandma, kids and pockets.

Safer, faster, longer rides

The bike is a bigger, more stable and more visible vehicle, suitable for all kinds of terrains. Remember all the curbs, cubic stone streets and bumps that made you get off your smaller two-wheeler? Not with Dash. Enjoy earthquake free trips, on twice the electric range of our competitors and infinte range of you legs.

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Download Dash E-Rides now and start in 3 easy steps!
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    Open our app and find the closest Dash to you.

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    Enjoy safer, faster and longer rides. Did we mention cheap?

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